Most of the fire departments in Warren County are ran solely by volunteers. 

Firefighting and Rescue participation requires special training and are crucial roles needed around the county, but there are many other jobs that volunteers are needed for at each and every one of our fire houses and they are always looking for men and women who are interested in joining this rewarding experience.  

In the state of Pennsylvania, specific training is required for becoming a certified firefighter but even before looking into that, we urge you to contact your local fire department and find out what jobs are needed as they will vary from department to department.

Some of these might include:  fire engine drivers, medical support, administration/office work, fund raising, coordinating events such as bingo, chicken dinners, etc. and more.

If you are interested in joining your local fire department, click below. Be sure to select the city/township/boro you are interested in serving and a representative will be in touch with you.