9-1-1 Center

Warren County 9-1-1 Communications Center

The Warren County 9-1-1 Communications Center provides emergency and non-emergency call taking and dispatching services for all the local police, fire, and EMS emergency services agencies in Warren County. It began E9-1-1 service in May of 2007.

Warren County 9-1-1 Communications Center
100 Dillon Drive  CLICK FOR MAP
Youngsville, PA 16371
Voice: (814) 563-3500
Fax: (814) 563-7232


Warren County 9-1-1 Communications Center provides emergency and non-emergency call taking and dispatching services for all the police, fire, and EMS emergency services agencies in Warren County. It serves the residents of Warren County with the following services and features:

Enhanced 9-1-1 Emergency Call Taking 

When someone in Warren County dials 9-1-1, their name, telephone number, and address is displayed on an ANI/ALI screen for the call-taker. Also displayed on this screen is the police, fire, and Emergency Medical (ambulance) agency that serves that address. The call-taker will answer the phone by saying "9-1-1, What is your emergency". He/she will also request your name and verify your address and telephone number. Remember, 9-1-1 is for emergency situations only - those that represent an immediate threat to life or property, such as an crime in progress, a fire, or a medical emergency. Do not call 9-1-1 for non-emergency requests, such as weather conditions, requesting directions to a location, or general information.

Non-Emergency Call-Taking

The police departments in Warren County maintain 7-digit non-emergency numbers for routine requests and information. This includes requesting an accident report, giving additional information to an officer, and other general non-emergency requests. Most police departments have a telephone answering machine on these inside numbers when the telephones are not staffed at police headquarters.

Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Dispatching

Our dispatchers are in constant radio contact with police officers on the road or at headquarters. Warren County's Fire and EMS agencies are dispatched via electronic pagers from the center. Primary radio towers are located at Stilson Hill, Watson Twp., Stone Hill, and Scandia to provide radio coverage to these agencies. Secondary radio locations include Grand Valley, York Hill, Warren State Hospital, Tidioute and Jakes Rocks.

Computer-Aided Dispatching (CAD)

Computer technology is used heavily in our state of the art communications center. A computer software program is used to record requests for services and the response of emergency units. The program also provides addressing and cross street information and can be used to flag special information at any address, such as special hazards, individuals needing special care, special directions to a location, and which emergency services agencies cover that location. The software is supplied by a company named Global Software. 

2013 Statistics:  
Total Wireless 911 Calls: 8401
Total Wireline/VoIP 911 Calls: 6517
Total 911 Calls: 14918
Total 10 Digit Incoming Calls: 36962
Total Incoming Call Volume: 51880
Total Outbound Calls: 21404

National Weather Alert System (NAWAS)

 The center maintains dedicated national and statewide links to the National Weather Service for immediate notification of severe weather conditions. This helps us get the "jump" on conditions that may jeopardize the well-being of our county residents, such as tornados, electrical storms, hazardous snow conditions, high winds, etc.

Recording Systems

 All emergency and non-emergency telephones and all primary dispatch radio channels are recorded. Recordings are kept for a minimum period of 45 days. Call-takers are also able to immediately play back any telephone conversations they have had to clarify information provided by a caller.

Backup Electrical Power Systems

The communications center building and all primary remote tower sites have adequate backup emergency electrical power generators in case commercial power is lost or interrupted. This is a somewhat frequent occurrence during storms and motor vehicle accidents which damage power lines.

Reverse 911

 Under Construction